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On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 11:45 AM, Lyberta <lyberta at lyberta.net> wrote:

> doark at mail.com:
> Another thing that bugs me is, since I don't believe in anything, I also
> don't believe in science. I can't predict what's gonna happen in the
> next moment. Every once in a while I get in this state of mind where I
> understand that I understand nothing.

Nobody "believes" in science. The entire point of logically describing and
explaining the world via the means of science is to get as close to "the
truth" as you can. Accepting the results of scientists is unlike religion
not a matter of absolute truth. It is a matter of realizing that for every
given time the scientific answer accepted by the community is the closest
one to "the truth" that we have. Understanding this is key to having a
stable worldview while still being open-minded. The entire point of science
is to constantly question the validity of your theories.

> In any and all cases I think you might enjoy a book that is eyeopening,
> > insightful and uplifting, with respect to the world around you, as
> > opposed to your more dreary, despairing, world view.
> I was forced to read books at school and this gave a huge hatred for
> them. I remember I've tried to read a fiction book at psychiatric
> hospital and after the 1st paragraph I was so enraged that I quickly put
> it away. Though this mostly applies to fiction.

> Not liking reading books means locking yourself out of all information on
> the world. Since you seem like a smart person not having something to
> occupy your brain with will make you suffer. So honestly you should get
> over it for your own shake.
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