[Arm-netbook] firefly 3399 all source software disclosed?

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> Imagination is far from dead yet. They did a mistake when they based all
> of their gpu income on apple, but their ip is rather advanced.

ImgTec income is going to be cut by 60%. That's not something most
companies can survive.

Their plan is to sue Apple for using of their IP and forcing them te keep
paying royalties.

To fund that they are selling of vital parts, like the recently aquired
, to fund the legal fees and supplement their loss of income.

Apple will stall, they have the money to do so, and probably force them to
trial. In trail ImgTec is forced to disclose publicly what they think
belongs to them. Which they will be reluctant to do because then the other
GPU manufactures might be able file suits for infringement to ImgTec.

Hence my reference to the SCO suit against Linux users. Which ultimately
failed and killed the company.

The same issue for them is they open up their driver sources.

All GPU manufactures are bound to infringement because sometimes things are
invented twice or more at different places. Which makes sense when you're
trying to reach the same goal with the same means and knowledge.

If only they'd sit around and say let's all open up our drivers and not sue
each other for current design and start over from there.

I'll be surprised if they'll survive this. Apple has probably tried to buy
and failed so they move to kill. This is join us or die tactics. And Apple
has more money thus is able to strike harder and longer.

Also on the plus side there has been discussion about them open sourcing
> their drivers a few months back and afterwards they hired new developers. I
> wouldn't be surprised if they actually saw this coming and reacted before
> it happened.

ImgTec has been holding that bone for our noses for years. Ten to be exact
Poulsbo dates from 2007. I don't believe it until it's proven.

So if I'd place a bet to
1. ImgTec releasing sources
2. ImgTec dying from Apple lawsuit

I'd place on the second one. Their selling long term part for short term
money for a lost cause.

The only winning parties here are going to be the lawyers just like with

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