[Arm-netbook] Side-Topic: Liberating PocketCHIP

Pablo pablo at parobalth.org
Mon May 8 09:34:40 BST 2017

> > The R8 is a rebranded A13.
> What? I own one of those and I'm almost certain that the CPU is an A7.
> Let's boot the PocketCHIP up...
> The processor is detected as an A7.
> I'll attach the output, it would probably be interesting to see all of
> it...
> Done, it's compressed bzip2 since it's ~300KiB decompressed which is large
> for an email.

You could have pasted the relevant parts right into your email.
This was the only relevant section I could find in your output:
cpu.1: cpuinfo
----- /proc/cpuinfo -----
  processor	: 0
  model name	: ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)

ARMv7 is the architecture. I did not find "A7" in a relevant context in
your output.

Have a look at:
'A13 Specifications Brief (Allwinner states R8 is a "1GHz A13 Compatible
SoC (System on Chip)"'



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