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I apologize for DOS'ing the list, I can only get online about once a week.

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Lyberta <lyberta at lyberta.net> wrote:
> Christopher Havel:
> > @ Lyberta -- I'll just say that I don't think it's any healthier to be
> > wanting to kill other people than it is to be wanting to kill
> > yourself. Somehow that doesn't fit my definition of 'normal'. But
> > that's me -- and I don't want to, you know, tell you how to think.
> > Not my job. So I'll drop this for now, except to say that pills can
> > do you a world of good if you let them.  
> This is a humane execution. They turn you into a vegetable and other
> people think you are awake, but you are asleep, you have no coherent
> thoughts. I have gained 40 kgs under antipsychotics and now I have
> problems standing up and sitting down, I have low blood pressure, my
> knees hurt a lot, I can barely walk anymore. I'm just a lump of fat now.
> Lump of fat that waits for the world to kill it.

@ Lyberta,
I've been thinking a lot about what you wrote, what I'm about to write
could be totally wrong, but if I'm right it would lead to a cure for you.
I'm not a psychiatrist, but I do know what a request for help from anyone,
anyone at all, looks like.
I suspect that you might be more intelligent than people give you credit
for. I suspect that you're caught in the ultimate trap, weather you
realize it consciously it or not. You see, when philosophers first
removed God from their philosophies they are tasked then with trying to
find a purpose to life. As others on this list pointed out becoming a
homicidal maniac is pointless, but as the aforementioned philosophers
found, the universe will eventually end and all that is, or was, or could
be, or could have been will cease to exist. They were thus confounded in
the question that never has been answered by atheists. That would be,
"When should I die." and more generally, "What is the point of it
I've seen many people caught in this trap, perhaps without knowing it.
They start off as fun people capable of much, as they age they realize
what they have not done, and what they are not and probably will never
be. They then try things like suicide, or boasting, and thus they loose
those qualities which draw others to them if not their life as well.

I think you're caught in the same trap, unable to realize your own
potential for lack of a moral standard (it also suffers as a result of
an Atheistic philosophy), and unable to accept a pointless existence.

You see, Killing others would be something (you describe laughing at
them and being rid of them), and killing yourself would cause you to no
longer think about your problems. So my theory would at least satisfy
both of your, ahem, ravings, in as much as it would point to a root cause
of both.

I said above that "I suspect that you might be more intelligent than
people give you credit for," and here is what I mean. If you can reason
that far, even subconsciously, then you have gotten farther then most in
as much as you realize the lack of adequate solutions. Put another way,
you are way up there with the very best Atheistic minds.
Now I could easily go on, but I think that I'll leave you with a
hopefully clearer understanding of what is bothering you. As Mr. Havel
pointed out, I don't intend to tell you how to think, and ultimately, more
people are cured everyday of mentally related problems by their own minds
then drugs, or what others tell them. Think about it, panic, too much and
a person can't function, too little and they are lackadaisical. Or fear,
or pain, or love (I'm talking emotional attraction), or well, anything.

In any and all cases I think you might enjoy a book that is eyeopening,
insightful and uplifting, with respect to the world around you, as
opposed to your more dreary, despairing, world view. This would at least
give you lots of interesting and worthwhile things to think about IMHO
and it would be something that even a vegetable could do :)
I'd suggest "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis and "The phantom
Toll Both" by Norton Juster.
It is from "The Chronicles of Narnia" that we get the quote "Oh my
mistress do not by any means destroy yourself, for if you live you may yet
have good fortune, but all the dead are dead alike!"

The very best,


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