[Arm-netbook] microdesktop casework as DXF files for laser-cutting

Tor, the Marqueteur Marqueteur at FineArtMarquetry.com
Thu Mar 30 21:39:01 BST 2017

On 30/03/17 03:46, Vincent Legoll wrote:
>> From a wood engineering standpoint I'd be in favour of looking into this.
>>  By using this method, wood movement with climate becomes negligible,
>> which makes things a good deal easier there.
> We're talking about plywood here, and smallish pieces, so I think the climate-
> induced wood movement will be negligible whatever we choose.
> Unless you sunk it. ;-)
Length/width, you're entirely correct, and that holds true for
significantly larger pieces than we've got here.  The laptop needn't worry.

Thickness is where we lose all plywood moisture stability with the
stacked option.  8 layers, 3mm thick = ~24mm thick, or a little less than
1".  As I posted earlier, between someone living in a desert, and someone
living in a wet tropical area, the latter may have a case almost 1/16" or
1.5mm thicker than the desert person.


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