[Arm-netbook] microdesktop casework as DXF files for laser-cutting

Tor, the Marqueteur Marqueteur at FineArtMarquetry.com
Thu Mar 30 12:21:41 BST 2017

On 29/03/17 17:34, Normand Chamberland wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks Mark. Just to give some context to these files:
> - There are 11 lasercut wood pieces. That's a lot. Is the layered design
> definitive (I guess that's what the backers will expect since that's
> what's shown on Crowd Supply), or could this be discarded in favour of a
> new design optimizing fabrication? A more classic box with dovetail
> joints may be less expensive, and allow more control on the fitting of
> the board. Something akin to
> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91H9TOVowCL._SL1500_.jpg
> (but hopefully with better looks!)

From a wood engineering standpoint I'd be in favour of looking into this.
 By using this method, wood movement with climate becomes negligible,
which makes things a good deal easier there.

Artistic only: The burned edges are arguable in any logo cutouts, though
less than optimal visually elsewhere (IMO).  If laser-cutting, however,
there is no choice, and the edges of a laser cut stack will exhibit the
same burned look, just all in a band around the outside, rather than in
scattered bits along the corners.  The example on the Crowd Supply page
appears to have been significantly sanded to minimize the burnt edges.
This is a time consuming operation that will reduce the accuracy of edge

Any decent laser cutter can be used as a laser engraver to put (stopped)
dadoes to hold PCBs anywhere you want them.  You can also put a rabbet on
any layer for the same purpose as needed in the layered option, so that
isn't a serious obstacle.  The only (minor) limitation with rabbets is
that at the registration accuracy likely required, having a rabbet on
both sides of a layer for different boards is probably unworkable.


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