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On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Julie Marchant <onpon4 at riseup.net> wrote:

> On 03/18/2017 03:37 AM, Mike Leimon wrote:
> > Okay, I feel like I should take a swing or two at this as well.
> >
> > In the following two cases, there isn't any special font being used. I'm
> > just using inkscape to trace out the characters that I want show...
> >
> > http://imgur.com/GrnfRHe
> >
> > Of these two logos that I sent, my preference is for the second.
> By the way, I think these are the best logos I've seen on this list. The
> only gripe I have (well, other than the unintentional phallus in the
> first one) is that they don't really seem to represent modularity; the
> first one, in particular, rather looks like a circuit board, and one of
> the major points of EOMA is that users *don't* have to look at circuit
> boards to perform upgrades; they just have to pop out a card and replace
> it with another card. It seems like there must be some possible way to
> use this basic logo concept to represent that somehow.

But also keep in mind that logo is about identity, not business model that
exist today. Who knows what tomorrow brings. So, if you go one step up from
modularity there is idea of saving resources by reusing stuff, opens
software etc. So, if you say you swap cards you somehow limit yourself.

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