[Arm-netbook] Prototype Circuit Board Printer

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Mar 15 19:31:31 GMT 2017

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 5:37 PM, Mike Leimon <leimon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just in case you all haven't seen this before (or haven't thought about it).
> I was thinking that since it seems like lots of prototype boards are being
> made perhaps a prototype circuit board printer like the following might be
> useful for prototyping some of the simpler support boards (e.g. some of the
> laptop PCBs).
> https://voltera.io/
> I'm not exactly sure how much cheaper (if any) that it would be compared to
> getting prototype boards printed up by another company but, I could imagine
> that being able to print up your own circuit boards would probably help
> speed up the design/prototype iteration cycle.

 yeah.  pretty damn good find, mike.  the solder paste feature alone
(down to 0.5mm pitch bga) is probably worth it to some people.  the
track size of 8mil... mmm... nehh.  if they could get it down to 6mil
(and 6 mil clearance) it would work with the MicroHDMI connectors,
which would be absolutely fantastic.

 mind you it does say "repeatable" which, even if it's say 20%
repeatable for printing 6mil tracks and you _start_ with those, that
would be awesome.


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