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Fri Mar 10 20:41:59 GMT 2017

Le 10/03/2017 18:19, Paul Boddie a écrit :
> On Friday 10. March 2017 17.08.47 Julie Marchant wrote:
>> Trisquel forum thread here:
>> https://trisquel.info/en/forum/amd-apparently-taking-requests-feedback-comm
>> unity
>> And this is the Reddit thread where it happened:
>> https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/5x4hxu/we_are_amd_creators_of_athlon_
>> radeon_and_other/def5h1b/
>> It would be a good idea to encourage AMD to do this. Who knows? It could
>> lead us to an x86 EOMA computer card of some sort in the future. ;) Not
>> to mention, it would just be better for us overall to have AMD on our side.
> Interesting comment:
> "Unfortunately AMD is licensing Trustonic's PSP firmware. They do not have the 
> option to open source it."
> https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/5x4hxu/we_are_amd_creators_of_athlon_radeon_and_other/defn8l1/
> Of course, this is just one aspect of AMD's technologies, but similar 
> obstacles probably appear along each of the paths towards freedom for all the 
> different things their products provide. Even with all their GPU expertise, 
> they are unlikely to make the technologies transparent because every patent 
> troll and potential competitor might try and sue them over some detail or 
> other. That, unfortunately, is the pact of silence all the GPU vendors adhere 
> to, whether or not the explanation really has much merit.
> It's interesting that this happens now. I was vaguely aware that AMD had just 
> launched their Ryzen line of products, and was also vaguely aware that they'd 
> been trying to get their Zen microarchitecture out. However, AMD have a 
> history of underwhelming the market in many ways, so it makes one wonder what 
> an appeal to the "community" is all about. One can be cynical and say that 
> companies only appeal to anyone if the market is too tough, and once they're 
> doing fine again, they forget about all their friends in the "community".
> Still, their stock price has gone up sixfold over the last few months, so 
> maybe I'm not the one to second-guess them.
That's of because of hype building like always.
You should see all the inane comments that I see everywhere on forums
and image boards, it's like if they pay people to go on the said websites...
If a message if repeated enough times one the web you can see that it
will influence something outside of it.
> Paul
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