[Arm-netbook] systemd and kernel: 3.4, mainline

Bill Kontos vkontogpls at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 14:09:38 GMT 2017

There is a bug that prevents it from booting on newer kernels.

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 7:02 AM, Lyberta <lyberta at lyberta.net> wrote:

> OK, guys, so I have a smartphone that I deeply regret buying. I've
> installed Debian on it in chroot using Lil' Debi. A week ago I decided
> to try to make it useful and trying to update to Debian Testing. And
> when run "apt-get dist-upgrade", it said that glibc requires Linux
> kernel at least 3.2. My phone has 3.0.8 kernel.
> And now I have totally useless piece of metal that can't even run modern
> glibc. I know I can install QEMU or something on it but how long QEMU
> will support old versions of packages installed on my phone?
> And now I hear that A20 card will be shipped with kernel 3.4. Sure, it's
> not lower than 3.2 but how long will glibc support 3.4? What about other
> packages?
> You say that EOMA68 is about reducing waste but the lack of support for
> mainline kernel means you are selling waste in some people's opinion.
> I'm sorry, this is a perspective of a dumb customer. I have no idea how
> much work is needed for mainlining. I just want to say that a lot of
> people who don't follow this mailing list will be upset to see old kernel.
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