[Arm-netbook] systemd and kernel: 3.4, mainline

Lyberta lyberta at lyberta.net
Wed Mar 8 05:02:00 GMT 2017

OK, guys, so I have a smartphone that I deeply regret buying. I've
installed Debian on it in chroot using Lil' Debi. A week ago I decided
to try to make it useful and trying to update to Debian Testing. And
when run "apt-get dist-upgrade", it said that glibc requires Linux
kernel at least 3.2. My phone has 3.0.8 kernel.

And now I have totally useless piece of metal that can't even run modern
glibc. I know I can install QEMU or something on it but how long QEMU
will support old versions of packages installed on my phone?

And now I hear that A20 card will be shipped with kernel 3.4. Sure, it's
not lower than 3.2 but how long will glibc support 3.4? What about other

You say that EOMA68 is about reducing waste but the lack of support for
mainline kernel means you are selling waste in some people's opinion.

I'm sorry, this is a perspective of a dumb customer. I have no idea how
much work is needed for mainlining. I just want to say that a lot of
people who don't follow this mailing list will be upset to see old kernel.

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