[Arm-netbook] I apologize for not knowing this sooner,

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Sun Jun 25 01:39:23 BST 2017

> ah so you've not run 25 xterms, wicd-gtk, chromium with 20 tabs open,
> firefox with 200+, openscad, qemu _and_ vlc all simultaneously then :)
>  that takes up 13 out of 16gb
> no that's a developer mindset.  for ordinary average person usage,
> libreoffice, one web browser maybe 3-5 tabs if that, and vlc: yes 8gb
> is total overkill.
I would say that even using a qemu with a winblows xp game on it while
using an emulator or waterfox/icecat might almost use 4gb of ram but
yeah... 8gb is insane for a normal user.

I see my folly now that I learned the meaning behind that show memory
used by cache as free via lxtask.

well that's all.

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