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On 10/06/17 06:03, ronwirring at Safe-mail.net wrote:
> About the battery. If I can find an usb power bank having the right
> specifications, I could then use the power bank to power the
> computer and if I wanted to be able to charge the battery and
> have the computer turned on at the same time, I could get
> a charger with 2 usb connectors?

With a power bank this might work, because they (AFAIK) all have their
charging circuitry inside the power bank and take a straight-up voltage
source to charge.  It won't make too much difference how you connect them
as long as you have adequate gauge wires for all connections.

If you're dealing with Li-ion cells, it's not recommended.  It has to do
with how Li-ion charging works.  In short the charge schedule (most
notable in a "fast" charge, meaning anything less than 5 hours or so) is
constant current at a rate the battery can handle to voltage, and then
constant voltage as the current tapers off to nearly nothing.

The upshot of this is that trying to power a device with the
battery/charger combo while charging the battery will confuse any decent
charger (and if it isn't a decent charger you SHOULD NOT use it).  The
only way around this is a charge controller designed for such use that
has three sets of terminals.  One for a source, one for battery, and one
for load.  The charge controller is then able to distinguish the load
from the battery charge current and charge it intelligently.


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