[Arm-netbook] modifying a 7 inch notebook cabinet to acceptapccard

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> Respectfully, if you can't understand the protocol, you're out of your
> depth and need to tackle something simpler and build up to this. Take the
> scenic route, it will reward you better. Trust me -- I speak from
> experience on this -- you'll wind up with a half-completed project that
> doesn't work and you don't know why. I have a dozen or so of those in my
> past.

It is not a big matter to me. I do not know to do any of it. I ask around. If I get 
easy to understand low priced solutions, I take advantage of them.

> As for the Teensy... yes, one for mouse, one for keyboard. Use a touch
> panel for a small LCD for the touchscreen. There's really no way to combine
> them without getting into proprietary chips from eg Holtek -- and since
> those chips are proprietary and therefore expensive and hard to get, you're
> thankful that you can use a pair of Teensies ;)

About the battery. If I can find an usb power bank having the right
specifications, I could then use the power bank to power the
computer and if I wanted to be able to charge the battery and
have the computer turned on at the same time, I could get
a charger with 2 usb connectors?

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