[Arm-netbook] fosdem2016

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jan 25 17:39:05 GMT 2016

well um i'm here.. an entire week early :)  long story, but having
booked the train tickets and hostel, nobody actually told me i was on
the wrong day because of two separate and unrelated pieces of
confusion / misprints!  i decided rather than go back home to simply
stay a week, having brought everything - soldering-iron, ruler,
pliers, scissors, laptop, the works - with me all this way.  15kg
suit-holding bag on wheels.... and in my infinite wisdom i decided
that it would be an interesting experience to come to belgium on
skates.  with a 15kg wheeled bag.

so, anyway, i'll be volunteering for setup on the friday, i have the
laptop to demo, am registered for a lightning talk on saturday
morning, this might change if there's a full hour slot available (i'm
on short-notice standby).

it'll be fun.  the http://2go4.be is pretty good, the no 71 bus goes
straight to ULB, there's a walk each end of about 250 metres... am
enjoying the accidental circumstances...


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