[Arm-netbook] A question about VREFTTL

Internet internet at devpi.de
Mon Dec 26 18:00:56 GMT 2016

Hey, I am planning a custom project utilizing the EOMA68 standard and I
was wondering about VREFTTL.

What I have read so far (elinux.org) is that VREFTTL refers to the
maximum voltage that can be applied to the GPIOs. My questions are
though: Is VREFTTL always 3.3V or can it be lower? What should I do, if
some ICs require a certain supply voltage and VREFTTL does not meet the
requirements? Would it be necessary do level shifting in advance (to be
compatible with other voltages)? How much current can I draw out of the
computing card?

Thank you,
Julius Lehmann

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