[Arm-netbook] Adapteva Parallella: Thoughts?

John Luke Gibson eaterjolly at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 07:02:13 GMT 2016

Obviously it's been mentioned before, since it's on the <a
There isn't much information on the page however.
The core doesn't work standalone, however it is completely open with
an HDL and a schematic; it is in the direction that a puristic libre
system would be if not "technically" all the way there. The board
itself has both(I think?) an arm and a x86 on board, simply because
adapteva is too new to have enough libraries ported for a full os (I
Now their boards are $99 which is a jump from $40, so my question
would be was price differential the reason why it wasn't included or
where there too many compatibility/tooling issues?
Ultimately this thing would be nice to supplement the ARM in graphics
computation if ever the right libraries where written to exploit the
adapteva for that. Potentially could run graphics and ai programs
better than a standard arm device. Just asking?

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