[Arm-netbook] Open Source Intelligence (Was: offlineimap syncing off of gmail...)

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Fri Dec 16 10:59:57 GMT 2016

heh this guy. i was read that article the other day :) and found some
more on shared website, inc ones written by a curtain someone from this
list, hint hint ;)

heres the article:


easy find, search the name + year. top result on duckduckgo

basically it looks like hes a open minded, innovator type person, who
questioned the current way and attitude of the way the security services
do things and looked, thought, seeked, tried,exploded alt ways but we
know how the types of people in these org’s are stuck up there asses....
they really didn’t like him. bear in mind these people think its there
right to trample on top of anyone/country. its there fault if they don’t
manage to stop them

really nasty way of thinking.. and yet the ex top cia chief had just
that attitude. we’re doomed. check out john pilger docs. theres a
interview with the asshole him self. see for ya self what i mean.

the false flags is mentioned/talked about on a alex jones interview....
dont trust him... :/ :/
hmm watching it now.... :/

the article still holds out on its own anyway. still makes for new
incites to alt way of security being done, one which sounds like a far
less bad will spreading one.

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