[Arm-netbook] MIPI DSI instead of RGB/TTL - the only way out of the blind alley

dumblob dumblob at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 10:29:09 GMT 2016

Hi guys,

I waited for the thread to settle down - so, first, thank you for calming

This thread simply just approved what I've been most afraid of. Namely all
the information channels regarding EOMA make up to a one big mess.

I'll follow now this process:

1) I'll gather all valid information about current EOMA (as quite a few
pieces are invalid, incomplete or at least misleading) through thorough
asking on this list.

2) I'll add (new) information from my side and make absolutely sure you all
understand it (including context and background).

3) I'll restate, rewrite, propose again a solution to what I see as a
bottle neck.

4) We'll all finally react upon the point 3 and discuss the steps to
resolve each particular bottle neck.


-- Jan
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