[Arm-netbook] Failed upstream port on the "Hercules eCAFE Slim HD"

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Thu Dec 8 08:48:33 GMT 2016


Yesterday I bought a "Hercules eCAFE Slim HD", which is a small netbook
- An IMX51 SOC and 512M of RAM (probably the maximum supported by that
- A 1024x600 glossy display (sic[1][2]).
- a 8G eMMC with the system
- 2xSD slots
- A switch that is under a trap that switches the SOC boot modes.
  Flipping that switch permits to boot from an external SD card (for
  recovery or for booting the system)

It could be used as a computer that is impossible to persistently
compromise assuming that the switch is always set to boot on an
external SD card or that the internal eMMC is destroyed or removed.

It was also interesting for me as I'm familiar with the I.MX SOCs, and
that I was looking for a device to port parabola to. This would have
been a fast port.

Unfortunately the device bought was already opened, and the keyboard
connector was dammaged. I failed to notice that.

So I prepared a dts for it and compiled a kenrel to test, but the
keyboard wasn't working properly since the last time I opened it, so I
decided to fix that first.

Unfortunately I broke it while messing with the broken keyboard
connector. Probably a short circuit. The SOC doesn't enumerate anymore
on USB and the device doesn't react when I press the power button.

The DTS is pretty minimal and was intended to get a shell on it trough

It was produced by looking at the differences with the "imx51-babbage"
board on the vendor provided kernel, and re-applying the lack of
differences in a DTS.

So I publish it in case someone wants to test or to continue the port.
As I have a hard time finding such devices in France, the port will
probably be abandoned.


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