[Arm-netbook] Laptop idea

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 16:28:08 BST 2014

> > http://cpc.farnell.com/velleman-kit/k8200/3d-printer-k8200/dp/HK01193
> > (£409 + VAT) and they can make all the difference getting the plastic
> > side going. Just add openscad and some good old rasp or a file :)
>  ... you know what?  what the hell, i'm gonna get one :)

Well done sir!

Need any help, let me know.

The software in particular, running on Linux requires mono
recompiled to get the Arduino to work at some funny baud.

Head assembly must not leak - may need to put in copper washer
because of a design flaw in sealing the head - if it does leak,
need a new head!!

The output torque of the motor needs to be adjusted upwards
to the limit if the movement is not to jam intermittently.

Also apply a drop or two of oil every 2nd or 3rd attempt on to the
slider rails.

Recommend placing a piece of glass over the heated bed and clip it on
like the guy has it in this picture
- get from Pound shop an A4 picture frame and cut its glass to size
and run it 3 degrees hotter than recommended for the bare PCB

The printer shakes a lot when running fast.
Need a sturdy table.

Need an IP cam trained on it to spot any problems remotely.

Other than that, no sweat - just pure fun and fairly accurate prints.

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