[Arm-netbook] Laptop idea

Vincent B. vb at luminar.eu.org
Mon Aug 11 13:37:18 BST 2014

On 11/08/2014 12:23, joem wrote:
> I fully understand, and I would donate where I can.
> (Some infrastructure goodies coming your way soon,
>  and when I get enough resources, some EOMAs.)
> Have you thought about 3D printer?
> I bought 3 of these
> http://cpc.farnell.com/velleman-kit/k8200/3d-printer-k8200/dp/HK01193
> (£409 + VAT) and they can make all the difference getting the plastic
> side going. Just add openscad and some good old rasp or a file :)
> Once you release 3D printable parametric laptop case, the project takes
> on a whole new dimension.

The idea is that I wanted an industry-grade laptop ready to use, not a
prototype. Furthermore it seemed to me easier to start from an existing case
design and make a custom PCB for it rather than doing everything from scratch.
But I might be wrong.


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