[Arm-netbook] IC for analog and digital buttons (EOMA-68)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Aug 11 10:55:30 BST 2014

hi krasi, lots to answer here, apologies i don't have time to go
through it all, first thing, i noticed you mentioned that your father
would have difficulty swapping out an EOMA68 CPU Card, because
SO-DIMMs and CPUs and PCI cards are hard to change in desktop PCs.

... can you see the logical fallacy in that statement that you have made?

i find it fascinating that people - especially engineers - confuse the
fact that there is RAM and a CPU inside the CPU card's metal case with
"therefore it must be hard to change".

serious question here: does your father have a camera?  does that
camera have a memory card?  does he have physical or mental difficulty
popping out and replacing the memory card of that camera?

the CPU Cards are exactly the same thing.

to the average person there really is no conceptual difference.  push
button.  pull out.  done in seconds.   to the *engineer* - who has to
have tools, and take anti-static precautions - the task *appears*
difficult based on their prior experience.

 but that prior experience is misleading you.


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