[Arm-netbook] Card Power Classes

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Aug 11 10:49:07 BST 2014

what about a standard for categorising the different cards based on
there computer resources/speed. like sd cards classes.

so speed class 1
if no use 2 only usb 1.*

speed class 2
usb 2
less than 1ghz & less than 1gb ram

speed class 3
usb 2
more than 1ghz & 1gb ram

speed class 3
usb 2
more than 1ghz & 1gb ram
gb ehternet


multimedia class SD
only capable of sd video

multimedia class HD (720)
only capable of HD video

multimedia class Full HD (1080)
only capable of Full HD video

gaming class 1
old games upto games form mid 2000's

for the question what class for video editing

multimedia class full hd and speed class 5

Or what about making it only 1 class to worry about?:

g1 old games
g2 newer games
g3 lastest games
mm 1 = music playback
mm 2 = basic audio editing
mm 3 = advanced audio editing
mm 4 = sd video playback
mm 5 = hd (720) video playback
mm 6 = full hd (1080) video playback
mm 7 = sd video editing
mm 8 = hd (720) video editing
mm 9 = full hd (1080) video editing

upto 6webpages at a time
minamul multi tasking
text documents
g2 upto 30 web pages at a time
g4 upto 80 webpages at a time

This is just a suggestion on of what it might look like. What would you

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