[Arm-netbook] IC for analog and digital buttons (EOMA-68)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Aug 10 09:52:26 BST 2014

On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 9:56 AM, krasi gichev <krasimirr at gmail.com> wrote:
>> nope.  that rules out the IC1T and the jz4775 CPU cards.  not gonna
>> happen.
> It is always to balance between requirements. If this CPU card forces Miguel
> to add $4 IC, that what's the benefit of $2 SoC?

 if someone is buying a product with a $2 SoC then they can expect to
get what they pay for.  the software will have to be configured to
take into account that one of the interfaces is slower and e.g. ramp
down the WIFI speed.  or disable it.

 basically the way that i see it is that *not* the base-board
designers problem if someone buys a lower-spec CPU card.  they pay
less money, they get lower quality.

 so, for example, with the IC1t they will be paying for something that
can only do 480p video.  and you know what?  they are paying less
money, they get lower quality.

>  In fact probably his product will be useless with IC1T?

 ... and they paid less money, so they understand that as part of the
contract of sale they get lower quality.  this is the bargain that
they struck.  it is *not* the base unit designer's problem.

> If I was him, I would say that such cards
> are not supported in his product and put an end to this.

 mmm... no, because, for example in this case, the software can always
configure a 1mbit/sec WIFI speed.  for example in this case, the
software can always configure a 32k 16 bit audio rate (or, if that
still is not enough, an 8k 16 bit audio rate).

> Is it allowed to have a product that requires some of
> optional features to be present?

 NO.  absolutely not.  absolute without a shadow of doubt,
unassailably unarguably and with absolute no way in hell that there
will be even the remotest, slightest possibility, not now, and not
ever, will there be anything remotely approaching "optional features"
in ANY standard i have anything to do with.

 think about it.  the "sales pitch" to end-users is "just buy any CPU
Card, it will work".  now, the _honest_ sales person will attach
"however of course you get what you pay for" to that "simple sales

 now think about what you are proposing.  you are proposing that some
features be "optional", yes?  let's take the case where some arbitrary
functionality only works on certain CPU Cards but not others.

 how the heck is the sales person going to explain that??


 i don't *want* them to be "quotes explaining quotes" it.  *any* CPU
Card which does not provide some level of service - even a degraded
one - on EVERY interface, automatically does NOT qualify for

> If this is out of the scope of the discussion, just ignore it.

 not at all, it presents an opportunity to makes things clear.

> Personally I
> have some other problems with EOMA idea so I had to switch my design to
> other form factor - so I don't "deserve" answer. Just trying to be helpful.


 out of curiosity, i'd be interested to hear if the design that you
are creating is intended for anything approaching a decade-long
support and end-user lifespan.


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