[Arm-netbook] LowRISC : a CPU open-sourced down to the silicon level, based on RISC-V architecture

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Aug 7 20:02:05 BST 2014

On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 6:58 PM, Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
<manuel.montezelo at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2014-08-07 16:33 Guillaume FORTAINE:
>> http://www.lowrisc.org
> Is this any different in concept from OpenRISC 1000 (or1k)?
> http://opencores.org/or1k/Main_Page

 by a long margin: yes.  OpenRISC i don't believe was ever planned to
run at the kinds of speeds that RISC-V plans to operate at.
http://riscv.org/download.html#tab_rocket shows that they are
producing benchmarks for operation at 1ghz.  the RISC-V architecture
appears to be designed as 64-bit from the ground up, and there also
appear to be room for instruction set extensions as well:

> With or1k we have already ~6.6k architecture-dependent (that have to
> be compiled) source packages from Debian available, and being updated
> whenever they are uploaded to Debian unstable.  These are readily
> available for simulations and for people who can synthesise this in a


 full toolchain, port of qemu, and an FPGA port.

 no debian port yet though. biiit early for that :)


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