[Arm-netbook] Home microserver based on ARM

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Sep 27 20:58:05 BST 2013

>> But to use something like the quattro docking station, either you have
>> to use a USB connection (rather undesirable, especially since all those
>> ARM thingies seem to be limited to USB-2.0 so far), or you have to use
>> a SATA connection where the controller supports "port multiplier".
> Both types support sata multiplier.

I lost you: both types of what?  Both the i.MX6 and the A10/A20 SoCs?

> Just read that the original CuBox does it better. The Marvell armada one.
> That is.
> It seems that the Inc doesn't support asynchronous transfer.

Are you saying that the Armada chip only supports the "command based
switching" (so only one drive can be active at a time), whereas the
i.MX6 (used in CuBox) supports "FIS–based switching" (commands can be
sent to drives regardless if other drives still haven't finished
processing previous commands)?


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