[Arm-netbook] Home microserver based on ARM

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Op 23 sep. 2013 18:05 schreef "Arokux X" <arokux at gmail.com> het volgende:
> Hi all,
> do you happen to know a home microserver based on ARM in a nice case?
Something like this here [1] but less power hungry and fanless. There
should be enough place to stick in 2-4 HDDs.

I don't think there is such a thing. Buffalo might suit you needs. A more
open approach. CuBox (pro) + sharkoon quickport quattro. Approx. 200$.

Solidrun is also building iMX types now

Bear in mind that every disk consumes additional power 3-25 watts.

Plus the cubox might be swapped out for an eoma card + daughterboard, when
it serializes.

Good luck.

> Thanks
> Arokux
> [1]
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