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Fri Sep 20 21:55:47 BST 2013

sorry i meant ot reply to you as well alain.

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On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 5:29 PM, Robin Smith
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> Thanks. Understood.
> The site is (was) familiar to over 10,000 users and has event marketing
> tools built in,

 yes.  if you recall (i appreciate it was 2009) i was the person that
wrote the event marketing tool.  PDF (poster) generator, means to
upload pictures, links to youtube and so on.

> why would it be a good idea to start with a clean sheet, if
> what was there was working (but not maintained)?

 it wasn't working.  it was transferred to another hosting system
*incorrectly* because i wasn't consulted about the move.

> Of course I can suggest an ongoing plan, and maybe that plan could include
> copying content or I could find volunteers to do that.

 ah ha!  that would be awesome.

> You are aware that
> this is not a commercial venture aren't you?

 ... not entirely.

> Presumably the custom work is still usable and doesn't have to be recreated?

 exactly.  i can pull that custom code out (because i was the person
who wrote it) and put it into a newer, modern (but experimental) and
*much* smaller, much more manageable system.

 joomla really is an absolute dog, it's way beyond what they need, and
beyond what they can handle.

> What I believe to be the situation is they have lost their site.

 yes.  through inexperience.  perhaps they will learn now.

> The site
> was paid for by their members and they would quite like to get it back.

 ah.  i wasn't aware of that.


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