[Arm-netbook] [router] schematics started

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 00:19:09 BST 2013


aside from the main requirements (i need this for a customer, as a
versatile routing and management board) it makes inordinate sense for
this to be an extension of the MEB concept.

talking to arokux yesterday i'm adding *two* MiniPCIe slots, one is
for 3G and the other for WIFI cards.  not sure whether to make them
both capable of taking SIMs... ehh, you can always get e.g. HE910s
with a SIM holder attached, so i'll make sure the power circuits are
up to the job of providing clean power.

9-pin RS232 is needed from the customer.  i'll add a MAX232 to
isolate/protect the CPU Card.

SATA comes from the MEB concept.  it's there, why not.

44-pin interface for RGB/TTL and I2C, again, why not.  might as well.

4 ports of 10/100 ethernet is completely excessive, but kinda fun.
what the heck.

thoughts appreciated.


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