[Arm-netbook] [EOMA68] RS232 on SoCs

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Mon Sep 16 20:43:47 BST 2013

mån 2013-09-16 klockan 15:47 +0000 skrev joem:

> I can verify something like that is happening.
> Haven't found the exact cause in hardware yet.
> The symptoms seem to be spinning itself around the mmc card.

It's not only SD card. Actually I haven't had much issues with SD cards
related to this, only AXP, resulting in the AXP powerig up but not
responding to i2c requests.

> The simplest suggestion I can make is to put 330R between the +3.3V
> rail and gnd of the mmc. But I have not tried it yet to
> know whether it can work.

Maybe. Guess it depends on the resistance in the UART dongle and also
UART0 RX -> VCC3_3 internal resistance at power off. But will cost a bit
of additional power drain during normal usage.


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