[Arm-netbook] 480 × 272 5" LCD lash up ready for testing

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Sat Sep 14 19:25:52 BST 2013

 it's more complex than you're imagining it to be



Luke you are getting to the point where you have to step back
and take stock of one important formula.

Project well being = Human endeavor x (Tools)^2

What that is telling you is that if you could put out some tools
such as uSD  dd images, some 30+ people could endeavor immediately,
and just having one more tool improves the project by the
square. So your most useful job right now it to put out 2 or more
tools out there that are working that clowns like myself can use.

(The formula applies to every open source project - if you want success, put more
easy to use tools in the hands of developers first.)

So my advise, ease up on all your recipes for success, (they are not tools)
and whatever else baggage you are carrying (such as a bad experiences
with distributing images), go make some dd uSD images, virtual machines,
and take up some janitorial duties such 100% improving and fixing the documentation.

Its not meant to be a criticism, because it takes all sorts to make
the open source world go round. Its a case of finding the right balance
as your project is taking off, hardware is working, there is an eager band
of supporters and now software needs to work without you having to be directly involved.
So I hope the advise is taken and we move on at faster pace.

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