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Wed Sep 4 23:10:17 BST 2013

I boot to live linux DVDs. I click on the installation GUIs or the USB
Creator GUI. Jack Alter's crackers froze Fedora's Live USB tool to
create a bootable removable media. They also froze Fedora's installer
while I was attempting to install Fedora on a harddrive and on a SD
card. They froze Ubuntu Privacy Remix's USB Creator. Likewise, they
froze Tail's USB Creator.  The few times they didn't freeze the
installation, they quickly tampered with it. Ubuntu Privacy Remix's
instruction is install on removable media with write protection on to
the OS from being tampered. However, with write protection on, the sd
card would not boot.

I paid a computer student to install Fedora and ExeFilter (a malware
scanner) on a SD card. Jack Alter's cracker crashed Fedora's kernel.
The sd card would no longer boot. I paid him to make another one. Same
thing happened. They foiled my effort to use ExeFilter to finish
scanning my infected files.

ExeFilter is the best heuristic scanner to detect infected PDF files.
Unfortunately, there is no linux distro with preinstalled ExeFilter.
Only four with preinstalled Clam: Knoppix, Ultimate Edition, Helix 2008
and PartedMagic and only two distros with preinstalled xfprot: Helix
2008 and older releases of PartedMagic. Unfortunately, ExeFilter uses
python which I do not know so I cannot install Exefilter myself.

I tried to find someone to harden Fedora, install ExeFilter and other
packages and repackage the ISO so I could have recovery backups. Fedora
and Fedora's forum were too difficult for the linux geeks I hired. A
geek recommended remastersys which is in Ubuntu. I paid to have
PinguyOS (an Ubuntu remix) installed on a SD card so it could be
hardened and ExeFilter be installed and then to make many copies of the
sd card to use as recovery backups. Jack Alter's hackers crashed the
PinguyOS kernel. SD card would no longer boot. Jack Alter's hackers
cracked my geek's computer to foil his attempts to use remastersys.

Jack Alter's crackers are remotely controlling my netbooks via
bluetooth that I cannot prevent from being loaded nor can I disable or
kill it. I rarely go online. I remove the wifi card from my netbooks
because the crackers had configured linux to automatically connect to a
wifi hotspot. When I need to go online I use an usb wifi adapter or an
ethernet cable.

Security Onion is an Ubuntu remix with remastersys. Jack Alter's
crackers slowed my CPU tremendously to slow the download to many hours.
They terminated the download numerous times. They have done this with
other Linux distros I have downloaded. Hence, I purchase Linux DVDs
from OSDisc.com.

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013, at 02:23 PM, Brendan Sleight wrote:

On 4 September 2013 04:40, <[1]freebirds at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> I attempted to install Linux on SD cards. They froze my computer
> installation. The distros I was able to install on SD cards and boot
> the crackers crashed the kernel and rendered the sd cards unbootable.
I would have naively assumed an error with the SD card.  I like to
understand how this was done - the proof and evidence of this happening
would interesting. As it is beyond my comprehension on how anyone can
remotely freeze a computer during an Linux installation.



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