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Wed Sep 4 14:20:31 BST 2013

)surendra, hi,

you need to subscribe to the list before posting, it's to avoid SPAM
getting to the other subscribers.

as you can see from the considerable number of messages this month and
the previous one (which you can review here:
there is still some testing to be carried out.

also you should be aware: beyond the initial testing phase where we
will perhaps get away with a 1k production run one and only one time
we will *not* be selling CPU Cards directly, but will be looking to
sell to distributors in minimum 10k batches.  the web site and the
mailing list will be the best place to find those people who will be
selling through distribution chains who have bought minimum 10k
batches and are selling them on.

in the meantime you should register on the preorders page so that we
have a list of people who would like to be contacted as each stage
progresses.  that page is here:


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> Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 17:35:57 +0530
> Subject: How to order EOMA68-A20 cards?
> Hi All,
> Is the EOMA68-A20  card in production and stable to use ?
> If it is stable, I want to use it in one of my products which requires Android OS.
> My requirement is 200 cards per month.
> How to order the EOMA68-A20 cards?
> Regards
> Surendra

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