[Arm-netbook] A20 and A10 NAND

Tom Cubie mr.hipboi at gmail.com
Fri May 31 02:00:18 BST 2013

On May 30, 2013 3:11 AM, "luke.leighton" <luke.leighton at gmail.com> wrote:
> i've started a comparison of function names and IO base addresses (nm
> modules/nand/libnand) and have found that the function names are
> exactly the same, as well as the I/O base for the A20 NAND driver is
> exactly the same as that of the A10.  i would hazard a very rough
> guess therefore that the hardware of the A20 NAND is identical to that
> of the A10.
> "the usual" fucking around with the header files however has been done
> [by that manager that we know orders allwinner software team members
> to alter the copyright messages].  in the A10 3.4 source code
> arch/arm/plat-sunxi/include/plat/platform.h we have a correct
> Copyright message, 2007-2012, Copyright Allwinner Ltd, and in the A20
> 3.3 source code arch/arm/mach-sun7i/include/mach/platform.h we have
> Copyright 2010-2015, Copyright  Reuuimlla Technology Co., Ltd.
> <www.reuuimllatech.com>
> i note according to whois queries that the domain name
> reuuimllatech.com is not registered.  does anyone have £15 to spare
> that they'd like to throw at a domain registrar, perchance?

sorry, i invented the word reuuimllatech. my stupid manager asked me to
remove all allwinner word from source code. so i replaced all allwinner
with reuuimlla, the reverse of allwinner.

> anyway, i'm going to try an experiment - compile up an A20 kernel,
> replicate the stuff i did earlier with A10 (fex loader) and then try
> compiling the standard A10 3.4 nand kernel in.
> l.
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