[Arm-netbook] GK802 for $70

Roman Mamedov rm at romanrm.ru
Fri May 24 18:24:42 BST 2013

On Fri, 24 May 2013 18:55:33 +0300
Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml at gmail.com> wrote:

> > And you have your perception skewed, as I can see you in the other
> > message in all seriousness suggest OpenWRT's opkg, as the package
> > manager for a Quad-core 1 GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM computer with
> > gigabytes of storage. 
> Sure, what makes you think that "Quad-core 1 GHz" needs any special
> package manager?

Where do you get that I think they need one?

I don't think that these modern ARM devices need a special package manager at
all, my point all along is that the regular dpkg works just fine on them.

It's me who has to ask, what makes *you* think that they can't just use dpkg,
and need a special one (opkg?).

> If something runs well on 100MHz, then it runs well on 1GHz, the opposite is not always true.

Yeah and I don't go on a flamewar that you go and immediately replace opkg
with dpkg on your 100 MHz devices. In fact I couldn't care less what you
use there. But please do not try to shove your opkg onto us in the "1GHz+
world", it's not needed here; dpkg *already* runs well.

(in fact I would happily run dpkg on much slower systems as well, the
convenience of having exactly the same OS across such a wide range of devices
is just too great)

> > Wake up, it's not a pocket PC from 2006, there
> > is nothing about it that warrants any special "embedded" treatment.
> And yet there're lot, and hopefully will be more, low-power (in both
> senses) devices around. Yup, I'm kind of "grand unified" guy, and would
> prefer a solution which works on any Linux system.

So if am I getting this right, because someplace, somewhere, a low-power
PocketPC-grade device exists, and can't run anything more advanced than the
crappy opkg, people all around the globe, including those using soon to come
out powerful 4-8 core ARM64 CPUs approaching 2GHz, have to throw out their
dpkg, buckle up and endure the limited "embedded" software. Sounds like a
great plan indeed.

With respect,
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