[Arm-netbook] DIY Pocket Computer

Scott Sullivan scott at ss.org
Thu May 23 15:18:26 BST 2013

On 05/23/2013 09:38 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
> I was thinking of my own one off. I don't have the skills to make a mass
> production design.
> There is a colour e-ink screen that can do 30fps video.

So, some of the pieces are difficult to impossible if not expensive to 
get in singles.

What your suggesting is perfectly do able, but is likely a several 
thousand dollar project and involves a lot of different technical 
skills. Ordering parts more directly through digikey or mouser will 
certainly help keep costs down. Expect to break or blow-up components 
while learning.

If you want to get to know some folks that do this for hobby or 
professional, I'd suggest finding your local hacker/maker space.


Let's go through your list assuming hobbyist sources.

*nav(compass,gps or Europe satellite position system?, etc)




*2 stereo line-out/headphones
*6 (hehe wishful thinking i hope not :P) line-ins (6x1channel)

Not sure, look at the PIC microcontroller range. My colleague that does 
audio and synthesizers uses them for his products.

*hd webcam no mpeg-al -no h264, mpeg4, etc-


*LED light for webcam and/or inferred led(s)


*butitin mic


Abuse an off the shelf usb dongle.

*wifi 5ghz

Abuse an off the shelf usb dongle.


Break-out the EMOA-68 to a usb HUB.


Break-out the EMOA-68

*sata drive

Break-out the EMOA-68

*several hour or all day battery life :P

Oh boy... now your taking laptop battery and real heft.

*keyboard (could be a stand-a-lone mini wireless one from china that 
attaches to what would be a mini tablet thing) (can you get a mini 
wireless human input device that has a usb cabe connection option? save 
battery juice by not using wireless.)

I absouletly love these. Have two at home, one at work (great in the 
data centre) and another gifted to by boyfriend for his media centre.


*30M fm transmitter

Amazing how you can abuse I/O pins.

*RF radio? walkie-talkie


*peazio sounder

Cheap, readily avaliable from sparkfun, adafruit, digikey, mouser, 
Element 14, RS, etc..

*gpio or something arduind like or serial like?

Some on the EMOA-68, others form any micro-controller you use.

*long range remote (garage door, 500M) -anti thief?

Not sure.

*vibrator -for alarms!-


*touch screen


*screen lcd, colour e-ink, led ? Must be usable/piratical in full


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