[Arm-netbook] DIY Pocket Computer

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Thu May 23 05:56:44 BST 2013

I have been thinking of making a my own pocket computer case. I can do 
basic stuff like soldering but not design circuits. Would it be possible 
to squeeze into a form factor of half the size of the flying squirrel 
*nav(compass,gps or Europe satellite position system?, etc)
*2 stereo line-out/headphones
*6 (hehe wishful thinking i hope not :P) line-ins (6x1channel)
*hd webcam no mpeg-al -no h264, mpeg4, etc-
*LED light for webcam and/or inferred led(s)
*butitin mic
*wifi 5ghz
*sata drive
*several hour or all day battery life :P
*keyboard (could be a stand-a-lone mini wireless one from china that 
attaches to what would be a mini tablet thing) (can you get a mini 
wireless human input device that has a usb cabe connection option? save 
battery juice by not using wireless.)
*30M fm transmitter
*RF radio? walkie-talkie
*peazio sounder
*gpio or something arduind like or serial like?
*long range remote (garage door, 500M) -anti thief?
*vibrator -for alarms!-
*touch screen
*screen lcd, colour e-ink, led ? Must be usable/piratical in full sunlight.

price/££ costing?

Me thinks it's going to be a bit on the fat/thick side :)

Did I forget anything? lol

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