[Arm-netbook] 15in EOMA-68 laptop

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Mon May 20 22:18:56 BST 2013

ok, hrvoje, i have another thought.  how about a silicone / rubber
sandwich?  in a line, you have this:

* bolt, head of  which locks into a recess in the left hinge part
* left hinge part slotting into right hinge part
* bolt through both both hinge parts
* slot a silicone / rubber bung through it
* put on a large nut which grips the rubber bung
* tighten it up enough so that the rubber starts to squeeze
* put on a locking nut.

a variant on that is to have a very rough-facing washer, with a
grip-face on one side (that digs into the rubber) and the other face
will grind against the hinge metal.

so the rubber doesn't get mashed up, but it acts as a simple
compression spring to create friction needed between the metal of the
hinge parts, enough to cause them to be stable.

quite simple!


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