[Arm-netbook] a10 eoma68 cpu card bring-up

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Wed May 15 00:47:15 BST 2013

just a quick update: thanks to henrik's help not only do we have a
successful miniroot board bring-up but also henrik has worked out how
to boot A10 devices over USB-FEL *without* requiring proprietary
programs like livesuite or phoenixtool.

basically, there's now a fel-boot.bin which is tiny and initialises
DRAM (you need u-boot headers and to modify dram.c for a target board
at the moment), so you load that up and execute it; then you load
u-boot, then errr... execute it. err.... that's it.

so, big thank you to henrik because livesuite was completely useless
and my a10 eoma68 sample looked completely dead: it wasn't, it was
just livesuite.


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