[Arm-netbook] 15in EOMA-68 laptop

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Thu May 9 20:44:25 BST 2013


ok like the above.   blue is the chinese part (what's left of it after
removing the right-angle brackets).  yellow is a spindle that is still
on the chinese bit, except possibly narrower (if possible), goes down
the centre, and locks into place at the end (arrangement TBD).  the
other end (blue) slots into the other L-Shape, locks in place
(arrangement TBD).

the length of the yellow bit is arranged so that by locking at each
end, it causes the two L-Shapes to be a) flush and not go anywhere b)
stalled under friction / spring through the chinese bit being attached
to each.


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