[Arm-netbook] 15in EOMA-68 laptop

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Wed May 8 20:58:51 BST 2013

allo hrvoje,

ok.  thoughts on hinges.  that company you found, the one who sent the
3D drawings?  the drawings are easy to adapt [with the right software]

how about this:

* using the split hinge arrangement with the slots for cables
* adapt the chinese 3D drawings to remove the brackets and leave the
spindle (3.5 mm diameter)?
* on the left L-shape put a hole in the end of the tube, to fit (and
lock) a spindle
* on the right L-shape put a larger hole in the end, to fit (and lock)
the adapted chinese part (8mm or so at its widest)

in this way, assembly becomes a matter of:

* putting the cables through the L-shapes
* slotting the two L-shapes together
* fitting the adapted chinese-part through the two L-shapes, spindle goes first
* spindle is narrow enough to *miss* the cables
* passes down the centre
* locks into place
* is bolted (?) onto the one end

so a bit like a key into a barrel-lock, effectively.

i'm assuming that the chinese part has some sort of friction or
spring-mechanism, that makes it worthwhile to adapt.

the effect is that it's pretty easy to assemble this, with minimum
number of parts involved.  once the cables are down the centre of the
hinge, the rest is quite easy.



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