[Arm-netbook] Stefan Enthoven releases KiCAD memory module PCB layout for A10 CPU

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Fri May 3 11:56:45 BST 2013


Stefan Enthoven has released KiCAD memory module PCB layout for A10 CPU.


All the KiCAD files are GPL'd. Anyone can download, modify, and make
their own versions. Its a great project for electronics engineering
students wanting to make their own touch screen tablet from scratch as a
final year project. There is still enough missing information to make
that a good challenge and a great adventure.

The AllWinner A10 chip based SoM project has rolled forward further with
this contribution.

The lower half of the board has been made, and it is mechanically
correct, and safe to build on.

For the type of memory chips used, line length rules need not be applied
if the CPU is run at low clock speed.

As time goes by, more GPL'd CPU and memory boards will be added.
The objective is still to make SoM boards that does everything
that a tablet can do, but release it all as GPL'd files that everyone
can use with Linux and embedded projects, and also make IoT happen.

It goes without saying, all this was made possible
from EOMA project and Luke. 

To all the internet trolls that recently went on the attack in slashdot
I can only ask, 

 "where is your project?"

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