[Arm-netbook] awusb (activewire usb?) usbmon wireshark pcap dump

luke.leighton luke.leighton at gmail.com
Thu May 2 22:21:13 BST 2013

i'm not sure if this is related: http://awusb-linux.sourceforge.net/

but i've taken, as the subject line says, a dump of the awusb activity
when running livesuit to flash an image to the a10 eoma68 card.  i got
to the "do you want to erase the nand" bit and it flipped the usb bus
from 002 to 001 so i didn't see the 4gbyte download.  however you can
clearly see the word "DRAM" in the transfer before that point.  also
there is the string "AWUSBFEL" quite early on, from the client.

it may turn out to be quite easy to identify what's going on, here,
which would be great.  if this is similar to "activewire usb" then it
may be as simple as loading and executing some code, or
reading/writing to memory locations.

my hypothesis is that the "flip" on the USB bus was the activation of
some code on the A10, which reset the bus and then re-ran the FEL mode
startup in order to receive the NAND flash data.  i see no reason why
this should not be completely ignored, and the AWUSBFEL process used
to upload e.g. spl and u-boot.


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