[Arm-netbook] eoma-68 micro engineering boards: anyone need one?

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Sat Jun 15 03:06:46 BST 2013

lör 2013-06-15 klockan 00:37 +0100 skrev luke.leighton:
> we need about 6 of the micro engineering boards for various projects,
> and it's silly money even for small 4-layer PCBs @ 60mm x 50mm.
> http://rhombus-tech.net/community_ideas/micro_engineering_board/
> is there anyone else who'd like to get a PCB made in a group order;
> the components are available from digikey and are easily solderable
> (all through-hole no SMT).
> one quote received is a bit mad: $200 setup fees and $22 for 20 PCBs,
> $14 for 40, 15 day lead-time.  anyone know of better than that i can
> send you the gerber files.

For low quantity a prototype PCB services like
might be a more cost effective choice.

50mmx60mm should fit in their 5cm x 10cm slot I would think, which for 4
layer boards is priced $69.90 for 10pcs to $169.90 for 100pcs  both with
free standard shipping, no setup fee.

If the board is only 2 layers then pricing is slightly better, $23.90 +
shipping for 10pcs to $79.90 with free standard shipping for 100pcs. No
setup fee.

Olimex also had a similar service, but not sure if they still do.

There is also some others having similar service which I can't remember
right now. Do not buy PCBs very often.


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