[Arm-netbook] EOMA68-A20 1st patch orders gone out, and invoices

Ajith Kumar bpajith at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 02:42:47 BST 2013

> or does it encompass assembly too?

>  roughly yes.  assembly and "management" fees appx $1.5k, component
> cost is peanuts, PCB setup fees around $0.5k, PCBs each @ $21 because
> they're 0.2mm laser-drilled and setting that up for such a small run
> is a pain, etc. etc. it all adds up.

Hi Luke,
     I was about send a mail asking these details. How much it will cost to
get 20 assembled boards if Gerber + BOM is provided. As you know the
board<http://www.iuac.res.in/%7Eelab/phoenix/SBC/esbc-8x7mm.png>I want
is similar to your eoma board. What kind of testing we can ask for,
verifying the functioning of SoC by connecting to a PC vis USB / JTAG ?
Any suggestions ?


> > What are the NRE costs for the PCB printing, I ask because I might be
> able
> > to get a lower rate with one of our local vendors, which might help to
> > provide an alternate manufacturer of some parts to cut down on some of
> the
> > shipping/import taxes for some of us North American customers.
>  10k quantities we've had quotes of $1.50 and they're happy to absorb
> the NREs.  smaller quantities because of the 0.2mm diameter
> laser-drilled VIAs and the 3mil track width and track-to-track
> clearance we're being asked for around $21 per PCB.
> > Well now you have the information for future potential revisions. :D
>  indeed...
> >  I only
> > discovered the EOMA68 due to the Liliput announcement, so I've been a
> little
> > late to the game. Haha
>  ah well.
> >  Speaking of which, I would be greatly appreciative of the inclusion of
> said
> > header, since our initial design was very reliant on it,
>  yehh, i try to discourage people from doing that, because it means
> that the design isn't future-proof.
> > and was based
> > around the information currently provided on Rhombus Tech's website.
>  *sigh* sorry.
> > It might be beneficial to post the exclusion on the Orders page, or some
> > notice that the FPC 45 and 44 DIL are not currently available for the
> first
> > revision boards, but that attempts will be made to try to include them in
> > the later revisions..
>  good idea.
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