[Arm-netbook] 4 GPL'd KiCAD boards released for A10 CPU system development

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Sun Jun 9 14:27:33 BST 2013

Hi Luke, Paul Sokolovsky,

Initiall thought this low interest project.
Checking the logs, between several hundred to several thousand users!
Live in fear of making any announcements in case site goes down.
Big mistake on my part, but to be fair, $ work keeps me jumping through hoops
and didn't have quality time to manage everything.
Next two weeks are relatively slack, so I get time.

Luke, got any spare eoma (even alpha quality) to sell?
I want to make mboard with SoM board and PCMCIA
socket. The idea is that the eoma gets plugged in
for main CPU while the SODIMM connects to small
embedded  CPUs like ARM Cortex or PICs to make
embedded system. The PCMCIA socket pins will be
brought to breakout pads so that it can all be wired
together manually to make system. All in glorious KiCAD 
and gpl'd designs for everyone to share :)

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On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 3:36 PM, Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> On Mon, 3 Jun 2013 11:38:48 +0000
> joem <joem at martindale-electric.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 4 GPL'd KiCAD boards released for A10 CPU system development
>> http://www.gplsquared.com/SoM2/SoM2.html#03June2013
>> KiCAD is open source and free and so anyone can use
>> these GPL'd board designs to build their own systems.
> I've been following your (Joe's, Ajith's) work for some time, and one
> thing I wanted to ask all the time - why don't you guys use git?

 i think phil put the first ones into git.hands.com - ah yes here we go:

i believe he's waiting for you (joe, ajith) to send him an ssh
id_rsa.pub key so that he can add you to the permissions and you can
then manage these files in a standard generally-accepted way for free
software projects [and even just for your own ability to manage the


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