[Arm-netbook] Grain-media chips / openipcam - anyone has experience with them?

krasi gichev krasimirr at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 16:09:31 GMT 2013

Surely they cannot match the A10 or other Cortex-Ax SoCs in terms of CPU
power. And it is not a SoC that can be used for EOMA board. But I was
thinking for board that could be made available in the price range of
Olimex's imx233 micro (25 euro) but with LAN. Another similar products were
the old Cavium chips, but the core used there is even slower (250MHz ARMv4)
and there is no display interface.
There are not so many SoCs that package so much features within TQFP, and
also allowing 2-layer PCB. A13 is TQFP but you need 4-layers.
BOM saving is not the only thing about integrated PHY. Surely it will make
the chip hotter but many of MIPS based router SoCs integrate 5x PHYs in
same package.
Using only 3.3V means cheap power circuit (but having internal 2.5V LDO
means more heat ...)
Having interface to simple LCD, and TV out (PAL) is also tempting. Not sure
about the usefullness of the video input port (recently somebody on this
list asked for those features so obviously it could be used, and having HW
H.264 encoder can be considered as benefit in this scenario).
About those 90nm - not sure about the iMX233, but iMX351 is also built on
90nm and runs at 533MHz:
"i.MX351 is based on an ARM11™ core running at 532 MHz with 90 nm technology

2013/2/23 luke.leighton <luke.leighton at gmail.com>

> On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 8:59 AM, krasi gichev <krasimirr at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I saw the GM8126 / GM8128 chips from grain-media:
> >
> > www.grain-media.com
> >
> > and then I found a lot of info:
> >
> > http://www.openipcam.com/files/ARM9/GM8126/
> >
> > Those SoC are relatively slow (ARMv5 compilant core at 533MHz), surely.
> But
> > they pack a lot of peripherals:
> > - 10/100 ethernet with intergrated PHY (!!!)
>  integrated PHY??  oo - that saves about $1.50 on the BOM.
>  ARM9 though... mmmm....
>  l.
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