[Arm-netbook] Grain-media chips / openipcam - anyone has experience with them?

krasi gichev krasimirr at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 08:59:13 GMT 2013

I saw the GM8126 / GM8128 chips from grain-media:


and then I found a lot of info:


Those SoC are relatively slow (ARMv5 compilant core at 533MHz), surely. But
they pack a lot of peripherals:
- 10/100 ethernet with intergrated PHY (!!!)
- USB 2.0 (HS) with PHY
- BT.656 video in (x2)
- PAL encoder
- single 3.3V supply (!!!)
- H.264 encoder
- and a lot of other useful peripherals

It is available in TQFP176 and BGA. TFQP misses some of the features, but
not many.

Same company has some more advanced chips for DVRs with SATA2, 1000G and
more, but they start from BGA464.

I will try to find something cheap that uses 8126/8128 for experiments. It
seems that the Linux SDK is complete and available.
Ubiquiti AirCam is based on this - so we have a place to look for (request)

Any comments/suggestions on this? Hardware dissections?
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