[Arm-netbook] CONFIG_CMDLINE, override uboot parameters

Peter Steenbergen p.steenbergen at j1nx.nl
Tue Feb 19 20:01:45 GMT 2013

I am running into an issue with my Amlogic XBMC development. Before I go
out searching the dark secrets of the linux kernel, I thought why not ask
you guys first.

There is this patch;
Which is used often. It adds the CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND to the possible
CMDLINE options. It is designed to prepend the cmdline parameters in case
there are missing values. The passed parameters by uboot are then appended
to the ones from CONFIG_CMDLINE.

This all works fine if you indeed are missing parameters, but what if i
want to overwrite/override an already by uboot passed parameter? (like
root= and rootfstype=)

I don't want to FORCE everything, because I then have to take over the
complete line as passed by uboot. If I do that I will loose the parameters
set by variables within uboot (MAC)

If I set them in CMDLINE, then the ones passed from uboot are appended and
overriding the ones from CMDLINE.

I also do not want to change uboot as that is still kind of tricky on the
Amlogic boxes.

Do anyone of you guys have some tips and/or directions?

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